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VAM Art is an initiative that works to bring together and promote all aspects of Contemporary Art (including American Contemporary Art) & Modern Art for better interaction and understanding among acclaimed Artists, Art enthusiasts and Art collectors in the world. We are dedicated to provide a comprehensive view of the contemporary Art world. We see in Contemporary Art a universal visual language that people from every nation and culture can share. Fine Arts have a unique capability to convey contemporary ideas in a visual format. Artists, throughout history, have provided a running commentary on the world in form, color, and imagery.

We host various styles of Art including figurative Art, Non-figurative art, Abstract art, Modern and Contemporary paintings, drawings and graphic art. All these artworks in different styles are executed in popular mediums like Water Colour, oil, Acrylic, Pencil and charcoal, and also in mixed mediums and new media like computer graphics and digital art. Our collection of conventional and classic forms of artworks includes Etching, Mono print and Lithograph. Additionally, we showcase different forms of sculptures in mediums like Bronze, Wood, Iron, Copper and Glass by eminent sculptors.


Here’s the Little Ghost Again - on Mixed media on Card board By Hans Meertens
Untitled - on Oil and mixed medium By Orode Onakufe
Eco scape - 01 - on Acrylic on canvas By Robert Lopez
Untitled - 03 - on Acrylic on Paper By Rita Kaplan Herzfeld
Crab Nebula - on Oil on Canvas By Maja Opacic
Knot 1 - on acrylic fine art paints & Flashe fine art paints By Marie Kazalia
Latest Profiles
Balucharan US
Balucharan is well known among kerala painters. Presently he is settled in trivandrum kerala, doing art practising. He u
Mario Loprete
Mario Loprete was born in Catazaro (Italy) in 1968. Studied art at Accademia di Bolla Art, Catanzaro, Italy during 2002-
Orode Onakufe
Orode Onakufe Gerald was born in the Nigerian state Delta, and had education in the University of Benin City, Nigeria an
Ramesh Terdal
Ramesh Terdal is a well known emerging visual artist from Karnataka, India. He obtained BFA from Karnataka University wi
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