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Ours is a collection of established and emerging artists from India, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. We have selected artists for the visual impact inherent in their work, both intellectually and emotionally, and the contribution it makes to communicating the artist’s viewpoint to the global community. We plan global art exhibitions to showcase the works of our artist to the world audience. Our exchange programs are aimed at bringing together talented artists from different cultures to work together and appreciate each other's culture, style and techniques. We are also planning to roll out programs to increase the awareness on Contemporary Art and the value of investing in the same and broadening the global art collector base.

Our Vision

To evolve ourselves into prime enablers who will have a positive influence on the global community’s enlightened fraternity. We aim to identify, recognize and collect works from committed artists who consistently present their achievements through international exhibitions, art appreciation programs and workshops thereby broadening the art collector base. Talented emerging artists will furthermore have the opportunity to work with internationally acclaimed artists.

Our Philosophy

Spirituality, in its highest esteem, goes hand-in-hand with Art. Thus we believe that Art is a universal language and is capable of spiritually influencing the intellectual and emotional faculties of man for purification and transformation. We attempt to showcase a cross section of original visual expressions based on the philosophy of universal brotherhood and prosperity with underlying spiritual strength. Our artists from all continents represent all of the prevailing styles and streams that include representations of multi-cultural values. We aim to share the concerns about the environment and humanity irrespective of geological boundaries, cast, creed or established religions. We represent the human being and his universe as it should be; A single family.

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