Exhibitions And Events


VAM Art, Inc. culminates 2014 with an exhibition of 24 exquisite pieces of art from the USA. Our eighth major contemporary art show, titled ‘CONFLUENCE 2014’, highlights artwork that are created with a multitude of artistic potential both in subjectivity and medium.
As in our previous shows, the artists and their art exhibit unmatched originality in content and technical excellence. These virtues pay tribute to VAM Art, Inc.’s mission to encourage art that promotes compassion, harmony and peace among people and nations. We feel privileged when looking back to our previous events that were well received by a discerning audience who viewed our exhibitions physically as well as online.
The equation of fine arts, especially in plastic arts like painting, sculpture, graphics and mixed media arts, transform frequently, parallel with the changes that take place in different modes of expressions globally. Fusion of different cultural iconographies and symbols are transmuted to distant cultures to give artistic and cultural activities a fresh holistic touch, breaking all boundaries and barriers that confine such activities within a limited scope.
We feel that the synthesis of different cultures plays an important role in maintaining better understanding among people across the world. Attaining such a goal is only possible by identifying, understanding and respecting foreign cultural values without rejecting indigenous elements.
Keeping the above aspects in mind, we have selected seven talented and prolific artists here in ‘CONFLUENCE 2014’ for their recent creations of artistic maturity and aesthetic quality.

Participated Artists