ABSTRACTUS (Steevens and Velez)
ABSTRACTUS (Steevens and Velez) Colombia Ximena Steevens and Mauricio Velez are the artist duet known as Abstractus since 2002, when they decided to condense all of their material and conceptual experimentation and research (personal and aesthetic) within a concept, to reflect the truth in ways that help to find freedom from the turbulent ... See more
Ad Arma Holland Ad Arma is a versatile artist. Besides his graphic work, he paints and makes glass and ceramic sculptures. Often, the same theme can be found throughout his work: the coincidence of past and future in the dreams of the present. See more
Ad Arma
Ashok Kumar Gopalan
Ashok Kumar Gopalan India Figurative: The images used by Ashok Kumar have been gathered randomly from films and media and distorted for his image making. See more
Azis. T. M. India Azis’ work has evolved out of his constant experimentation with different media: water colour, pastel and oil on canvas. Azis sketches people from life and it is because of this that the human figures in his work appear so strongly connected with real life. See more
Azis. T. M.
Balucharan US
Balucharan US India Balucharan is well known among kerala painters. Presently he is settled in trivandrum kerala, doing art practising. He used to explore his own visual launguage. His works are focussed on his own socaity, its social political and myths. He has been working with lot of mediums like oil, acrylic, pa... See more
Birendra Pani India Birendra Pani clarifies that the aim of his work is “not to define culture in some fixed way; its goal is to suggest the changing attitudes towards indigenous cultural traditions, critiques of socio-political conditions and reconsideration of value in society for the formation of a traditional futur... See more
Birendra Pani
Brian J Potter
Brian J Potter United States Brian J Potter is a US contemporary artist who presently lives and works in New York. He has completed his art education from Art students League, NY, and from School of Visual Arts NY. Before pursuing art training seriously, he had his BA in Psychology from VASSAR College, Poughkeepsie, New York in... See more
Bridget Fahy Cyprus Bridget Fahy, born in Limerick, Ireland 1973, studied Fine Art Painting from Limerick School of Art& design, Ireland and went on to teach art. She presently lives in Tala, practicing from her new personal studio/ gallery space. She is currently involved in painting and travelling apart from her cons... See more
Bridget Fahy
Cherilyn SunRidge
Cherilyn SunRidge U. S. A Cherilyn SunRidge has been located in the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan area since 2012 and has had a strong presence in many juried and private shows at art Centers in Oregon, New York and New Jersey. See more
Cheryl McClure United States Cheryl McClure did her education in Art at the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, NM and later Center dart Contemporain Frame. Cheryl has always been influenced by nature and the land living on a ranch in northeastern Texas for a number of years has moved that influence up a notch. See more
Cheryl McClure
Chris Ernst
Chris Ernst U. S. A Chris Ernst completed his Art education from institutions at Philadelphia, PA and center for contemporary arts, Bedminster, NJ. He is continuously showing his works in exhibitions for the last few years. See more
David Gaither Georgia A self-taught artist, David began his progression around the age of three. Over the years, he has worked in various genres of art, ultimately transitioning to unique methods reflecting his own style. The unique methods involve a fusion of light with chromatic experimentation, where colors and shap... See more
David Gaither
Diana Stelin
Diana Stelin United States Born in Kishinev, Moldova, in 1979, Ms. Stelin emigrated to the United States at the age of thirteen. Educated in some of the world’s most well known Ivy League institutions and universities, and learning from the Masters first hand while completing coursework overseas, Ms. Stelin has been involved ... See more
Elinore Bucholtz U. S. A Elinore is a New York based artist who has been participating in numerous group shows since her graduation as a professional affine artist. She has also held solo exhibitions in galleries of repute to show her artistic oeuvre commandingly. She has excelled in the abstract style of painting and has h... See more
Elinore Bucholtz
Fina Yeung
Fina Yeung Hong Kong Fina was born and brought up in the Chinese city of Hong Kong. Later her family moved to the Pacific Island of Guam. She studied art in the University of Guam and then moved to NJ since 2000. She has been exhibiting her works in NJ and NYC and continues her art involvement in her community, her trav... See more
Florence Moonan U. S. A Brought up in Lambertville, New Jersey, Florence Moonan’s life is always been circling around visual and performing arts. She qualified as a confident professional artist from Trenton State College where she was an employee and student of art. Moonan’s paintings have been selected for numerous jurie... See more
Florence Moonan
Hans Meertens
Hans Meertens The Netherlands After attending the Faculty of Art at the York St John University (UK), the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven (NL) and the Faculty of Art at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent (BE), Hans Meertens graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2000. In that same year he was no... See more
Hikaru Yumura Japan Hikaru Yamura’s works shows the rhythmic existence of solidity and fluidity in his granite sculpture. His art is abstract but expressive in its non representational appearance See more
Hikaru Yumura
Jane Lawton Baldridge
Jane Lawton Baldridge United States Jane Lawton Baldridge, born 1959. Studied at California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA 1977-78; Alfred G. Glassel Museum School, Houston, TX 1978-82. See more
Jiro Inagaki Japan Jiro Inagaki shows his mastery over materials such as hand-made paper, metal plate, copper wire and even straw. The Japanese sensitivity of wagami-e method is masterly displayed. See more
Jiro Inagaki
Kiyomi Baird
Kiyomi Baird United States Kiyomi Baird grew up in California as a third generation Japanese American. After living much of her life in the US and Berlin, she moved to Tokyo, where she confronted with Japanese behavior and aesthetics deeply and there she recognized certain aspects of her personality and art as essentially Asi... See more
Koji Ishikawa Japan Born in Osaka, Japan in 1968. Graduated B.A. from Osaka University of the Arts. Japan in 1991. See more
Koji Ishikawa
Lal K
Lal K India Lal. K , a seasoned artist from Kerala emerges fast in the Indian art scene by his continues and steady presence in shows across the country for the last twenty years. He holds lot of promise with his intense experiments both in the areas of graphics and painting. After obtaining BFA with distinct... See more
Leah M Hardy United States Leah Hardy is a US based multimedia artist and sculptor who specialize in metalsmithing. She is currently Associate professor, metalsmithing foundations at university of Wyoming. Leah hardy did her higher education in Art at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN (MFA) after completing her BFA in ceram... See more
Leah M Hardy
Linda LaStella
Linda LaStella U. S. A Linda LaStella is a New Jersey based artist and muralist who specializes in Ceramics. Linda has executed several commissioned works both public and private alongside her constant appearances in selected shows in various and galleries. See more
Lynne Friedman United States Lynne Friedman have had her BA and MFA from Queens College and Ed.D from Colombia University before actively involving in her vocation as a serious artist handling various mediums effortlessly and imaginatively to create her oeuvre in contemporary art. She received SEVEN Artists’ Residency Grants in... See more
Lynne Friedman
Maja Opacic
Maja Opacic U. S. A Maja is an independent artist, currently living in NJ. She pursue her original interest in painting after completing formal training in restoration of art in Belgrade. Her collection of works titled `Spacescapes’ examines the mystic beauty of the universe and other astronomical phenomena. See more
Marie Kazalia United States Marie Kazalia, an upcoming and renowned artist from USA , had her BFA degree from California College of the Arts and thereafter enrolled herself in John F Kennedy University for her MA in Museum Studies. Soon after her completion in art studies, she has started exhibiting internationally and has h... See more
Marie Kazalia
Mario Loprete
Mario Loprete Italy Mario Loprete was born in Catazaro (Italy) in 1968. Studied art at Accademia di Bolla Art, Catanzaro, Italy during 2002-2007. He has been exhibiting is works in and out of Italy since his student hood years both in solos and major international curetted exhibitions across Europe , Canada and the US. See more
Mario Martinez United States Mario Martinez is a Yaqui Indian Artist who hails from Penjamo, Arizona. He moved to New York City in 2002.He received his bachelor’s degree from school of Art. Arizona State University in Tempe and his master’s of fine arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute. His work has been part of num... See more
Mario Martinez
Mariva Zacharof
Mariva Zacharof Greece Mariva Zacharof is a dynamic visual artist of Greek origin, who is nationally and internationally awarded. She develops a visual language by using expressionist drawing, installation and mixed media in order to depict human issues, which concern all of us. Her work has a strong sense of humor, sweet... See more
Martin Reyna Argentina Martin Reyna, an accomplished artist from Argentina, has exhibited throughout Europe and the USA. He works with conventional media: water colors and oils with an all new methodology.. He has also created brilliant pieces in multimedia experimental works. Presently he is working from Europe. See more
Martin Reyna
Mathai Tom
Mathai Tom India His work is based in the figurative and its content grapples with environmental issues and human alienation. See more
Michael Bond United States Michael Bond is a US based artist ,working in different mediums to express himself totally to inspire and interact with his viewers/audience. He has realized the fact that creativity and spirituality are interconnected to each other. Michael’s works are widely exhibited in and outside The US. See more
Michael Bond
Michel Picotte
Michel Picotte Canada Born and settled in Montreal, Canada, Michel Picotte works from Canada and Europe. During a period of about four decade’s artistic life, he has produced a vast body of works in different media and has participated in more than 75 group exhibitions across Europe and America. He has also shown his wor... See more
Mukesh Sharma India Mukesh Sharma is a New Delhi based contemporary visual artist who works in varied media. He was born in 1974 in Rajasthan. He received his Master of Fine Arts in printmaking from Faculty of Fine Arts MS University of Baroda in Gujarat and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from Rajasthan Schoo... See more
Mukesh Sharma
Murali Cheeroth
Murali Cheeroth India Born in Kerala, did his BFA and MFA in printmaking from Santhiniketan after obtaining Diploma in painting from Gov. College of Arts, Trichur. His major participation in shows includes ‘Redding Paint’ a group show at Soul Flower Gallery Bangkok 2007; Waging peace, at Arts for peace Gallery, New York ... See more
N.N. Rimzon India N.N. Rimzon is known for his highly symbolic and enigmatic art works that include sculpture, multimedia installation and charcoal and pastel drawings . The fragmentation of society, individual alienation, and archetypal depictions of the human experience predominate his work. See more
N.N. Rimzon
Nandita Chaudhuri
Nandita Chaudhuri India / U.K There is always a surface and depth in all transactions. It is through archeological incisions that we can dig deeper behind veneers to perceive elusive and invisible entities. There is an endeavor to plot that graph and excavate mysteries trapped within multi-surfaces. See more
Oliver Perry United Kingdom After to many years working as an advertising creative and achieving my goals (D&AD award) I decided to throw caution to the wind and follow my true passion and concentrate on painting. Unfortunately, I spent far too long answering a question that was 70 years old (studying cubism and my interpretat... See more
Oliver Perry
Orode Onakufe
Orode Onakufe Nigeria Orode Onakufe Gerald was born in the Nigerian state Delta, and had education in the University of Benin City, Nigeria and completed BFA honours in 2012. He has been participating in exhibitions both in Nigeria and outside the country since his student years. He was awarded in many shows that include... See more
Pradeep Puthoor India Puthoor’s work uses the Kerala landscape and traditional imagery together with erotic forms and figuration to create colorful, crowded images. Minute details are drawn painstakingly to bring alive the imagery. See more
Pradeep Puthoor
Prashant Salvi
Prashant Salvi India The strange and unique way of juxtaposition of images in the works of Prashant Salvi is intentional. The subjectivity of his works is fully loaded with the tension and uncertainty of modern man who is thrown in to a socio-political environment which is ever changing and challenging. His mixed media ... See more
Pratul Dash India Pratul is widely acknowledged for raising the issue of damage we are doing to our environment, ecology, planet earth, and society at large. He is artistically concerned about the immigration of laborers to cities and sub-human living conditions, as expanding cities encroach upon surrounding green... See more
Pratul Dash
Ramesh Terdal
Ramesh Terdal India Ramesh Terdal is a well known emerging visual artist from Karnataka, India. He obtained BFA from Karnataka University with Gold Medal in 1995. In 2000, Terdal completed his masters Degree also from the same University. Ramesh is recipient of around 12 Awards from state, Regional and national level e... See more
Rani Rekha India Rani Rekha’s imagery is personal and rooted in an urban context. She embellishes her surfaces with images and paints delicately with a graphic sensibility. Her visual language has strong suggestive content. The dynamics of the body is part of her preoccupation. Her skill as a painter has reached a... See more
Rani Rekha
Rita Kaplan Herzfeld
Rita Kaplan Herzfeld U. S. A My paintings contain movement and color that is barely kept on the surface. It almost fights to get off the canvas or paper. Color finds its perfect place in the painting and joins an army of lines, swirls and splashes to make an energy packed, colorful painting. I sometimes paint from the depths of... See more
Robert Lopez India ROBERT LOPEZ, a Post graduate in Arts opted the career as a painter soon after the completion of his education. Since then he has been participating in major juried shows all over India, which include state, national and international level exhibitions juried and curated by eminent art organizations... See more
Robert Lopez
Ruth Avra - Dana Kleinman
Ruth Avra - Dana Kleinman Spain-USA The collaboration combines the strengths of artists and sisters Ruth Avra, born 1979 in Washington, DC and Dana Kleinman, born 1974 in Massachusetts. Ruth graduated from Wisconsin-Madison with a focus on metal, while Dana was one of the first art majors at Carnegie Mellon to receive Phi Beta Kappa ... See more
Sreelal. K.S India “Zero Gravity “depicts the fortification of the self and the absence of the intermediate. The figures or objects are rendered in monochrome or desaturated colors, while the plain background is brightly colorful. The emotions whether negative or positive are extreme, but such extravagance is nonsensi... See more
Sreelal. K.S
Stephanie Holznecht
Stephanie Holznecht U. S. A Based in Janesville, WI, Stephanie has travelled a long way from realism to abstraction to express herself through art. She has graduated with BA in graphic design and Fine Art and worked as a graphic designer and art director for ten years. See more
Tensing Joseph India Born in Kerala in 1962. MFA in Sculpture, Kalabhavana, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan in 2007. BFA in Sculpture, College of Fine Arts Kerala, Trivandrum in 1986. See more
Tensing Joseph
Vandella Poe
Vandella Poe United States Born in New Jersey, US. Studied Art &History under eminent artists and art teachers. Exhibiting widely in US See more
Vernon Bigman United States Vernon B Bigman’s, Art work tells a story of dream reality and being. This body of work is called Dream Snakes it used the visual language of paintings, drawings and digital photography. He obtained his MFA of fine arts from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York in 1996. He also attended the San F... See more
Vernon Bigman
Vinita Karim
Vinita Karim Myanmar Born in 1962, Rangoon, Burma; Vinita Karim obtained her MFA degree in fine Arts from University of Philippines, Philippines. Her dissertation topic was: Art Masala: Multicultural negotiations outside boundaries. Prior to her MFA, she had her BSc in 1985 and diploma in Fine Arts at Gerlesborg Art ins... See more

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