VAM Art is planning various projects which are designed to promote awareness and appreciation of contemporary art internationally. Our objective is to organize programs for established artists to interact, discuss, share concepts, ideas and techniques to widen everyone’s artistic arena.

Seminars, Symposiums

We see artistic expression as a means for social transformation. The involvement of the public in each of our programs is ensured to share ideas with the widest possible community .

VAM Art plans periodical symposiums, slide shows, discussions, artistic presentations, new media presentations including video art etc. to cover all modes of artistic expression which are in practice today internationally. We are planning these programs at a variety of locations.


Curating and conducting an exhibition with a serious objective is of course a difficult task when considering the various styles and forms of expression in practice today globally. The need for identifying and acknowledging each of them are widely recognized. We are living at a time where all cultural, traditional and social values are understood, valued and appreciated equally. VAM Art is aware of this and our projects exemplify this point of view.

Residency Program

We visualize our residency programs to facilitate cross cultural interaction and studies based on the praxis of various intellectual streams culminating in versions of creativity which are fresh. Our aim is to provide facilities for International residencies to ensure this.

By doing this we will pave the way for fresh, independent and serious results in the field of visual art.

Encouraging New Talent

Identifying fresh talent is one of our priorities. We are dedicated to providing support for promising talent to ensure their qualitative progress in achieving their artistic goals. We regularly publish articles through our web site to inform our followers in matters of art, thought, and aesthetics. We associate with internationally acclaimed art historians and critics to make this happen.

Conservation, Preservation and Presentation Services

VAM Art is developing a team of experts to provide advice to art collectors regarding the proper handling and preservation of artwork. We also provide service in the framing and conservation of artwork utilizing the best available devices and technology in the industry. Proper storage and preservation of a valuable artwork by any master prevents damage to it that may adversely affect its value and appreciation.

Leasing/Lending Services

We make arrangements to lend out art work to persons/ organizations and corporate houses for limited periods of time. This enables art enthusiasts to have a selection of art work in their surroundings as variations in taste and mood demand

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Inaugural Ceremony

The Inauguration of VAM Art Inc. Gallery and International group Exhibition Resurgence 2012. Opening ceremony held at VAM Art Inc.Galley, 15 Station Place, Metuchen, New Jersey on 18 Wednesday 2012.


Musical Programs

VAM Art, in it efforts to amalgamate all arts together for a holistic experience involving all faculties, recognizing the fact that the essence of fine art and music is derived from the same source of energy and basic components like rhythm, tone and color. We at VAM Art gallery, with our exhibitions, introduce very young talents from educational institutions, mostly from schools as performers by staging their musical performance at the opening functions of our shows as well as during select weekends. This project, we believe would be helpful for young musicians to gain experience and confidence since this is performed as part of and alongside our main concerts by professional artistes of music during special occasions. We believe, this would help in nurturing a refined sensibility to both performers and listeners and aimed at helping to build up a social group that turn as locally well knit, culturally oriented and socially committed.

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