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Ad Arma
Ad Arma is a versatile artist. Besides his graphic work, he paints and makes glass and ceramic sculptures. Often, the same theme can be found throughout his work: the coincidence of past and future in the dreams of the present.

Latest Artworks

Stranger II - on Etching (Mono Print) By Ad Arma
Resonance - Series - 02 - on Etching (Mono Print) By Ad Arma
Dream, Think, Wish - on Etching (Mono Print) By Ad Arma
Resonance - Series - 01 - on Etching (Mono Print) By Ad Arma
3rd bird, return of the traveller - on Etching (Mono Print) By Ad Arma


  • 1980 Galerie De Sluis at Leidschendam
  • 1981 Galerie De Bereklauw at IJsselsteyn
  • 1981 Koninklijk Paleis at Amsterdam
  • 1981 Kunstbeurs at Utrecht
  • 1982 Streekmuseum (Ram-Arm Project) at Tiel
  • 1982 Cultureel Centrum De Schakel (Ram-Arm Project) at Leidschendam
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  • Ad Arma finds inspiration not only in that twilight zone of subconscious and conscious, but also in daily life, both near and far. His restlessness drives him to travel and explore. He has sailed Arabian seas and visited India, Nepal and Japan. These experiences inspired his senses and brought new considerations to his art. "New Impressions, landscapes, colors, smells, conversations with people from completely different cultural background." Nepali red and gold tones, pieces of the world map, navigation points,and mathematical Indian basic patterns can be found in his etchings .
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