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Chris Ernst
Chris Ernst
U. S. A
Chris Ernst completed his Art education from institutions at Philadelphia, PA and center for contemporary arts, Bedminster, NJ. He is continuously showing his works in exhibitions for the last few years.

Latest Artworks

C3 Muerto - on Acrylic By Chris Ernst
Tongue Tied - on Acrylic By Chris Ernst
Termuertos - on Acrylic By Chris Ernst


  • Exhibitions:
  • • “22nd Annual Open Juried Show.” Group Show. Curated by Douglas Ferrari. Guild of Creative Art. Shrewsbury, NJ. September 2014.
  • • “Multimedia Exhibition.” Group Show. Curated by Alfa Art Gallery Staff. Alfa Art Gallery. New Brunswick, NJ. August, 2014.
  • • “Friends & Neighbors.” Group Show. Curated by Jeremy Moss. Pierro Gallery. South Orange, NJ. June, 2014.
  • • “Annual Members Exhibition.” Group Show. Center for Contemporary Arts. Bedminster, NJ. June, 2014.
  • • “Art All Night & Artwork Selects.” Group Show. Artworks. Trenton, NJ. June, 2014.
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  • I believe in breaking down modern pop art through the process of reverse engineering.I work primarily in acrylic paint. I prefer complimentary colors and intense line. I love it when a piece strikes the balance between a childhood influence and my personal vision. The mood I aim for is both fresh and nostalgic. If my art was a party, musical stars would mingle with movie icons, cartoon clouds and a very special cow. Pop art would line the walls. I would DJ and freak out each time the crowd roared to an old school jam.
  • Chris Ernst

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