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Diana Stelin
Diana Stelin
United States
Born in Kishinev, Moldova, in 1979, Ms. Stelin emigrated to the United States at the age of thirteen. Educated in some of the world’s most well known Ivy League institutions and universities, and learning from the Masters first hand while completing coursework overseas, Ms. Stelin has been involved in Boston’s art scene since 2001, both practicing art and managing visual art galleries. Whether at home in Boston, or wherever her travels take her, Ms. Stelin always finds time and energy for uninterrupted watercolor sketches of her surroundings, which are then transferred with the same sense of immediacy to oils on canvas. Her unique application of watercolor techniques on large scale oils on canvas has garnered her early recognition as an artist, with multiple private commissions in US and abroad, awards, and museum and gallery shows in the Northeast.

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Vineyards - on Oil on canvas By Diana Stelin
Mount Fuji - on Oil on canvas By Diana Stelin


  • New Gallery on Newbury St, Boston, MA
  • Soundtrack, New York, NY
  • Tjaden Gallery, Ithaca, NY
  • Johnson Museum of Art, Ithaca, NY
  • Gaelen Gallery, Whippany, NJ – winner of juried show
  • Alex Gowns, Upper Montclair, NJ
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  • My practice is always instilled with a sense of awe about the wonders of the world. Locales change, weather patterns are always offering interesting angles and compositions, my inner landscape is constantly being altered. It’s this immediacy of a fleeting world that I try to express through my paintings. My technique is highly personal. I begin with a watercolor and graphite sketch done on site, which can be rather detailed, or act as a simple guideline for moving forward. I subsequently translate the drawing to canvas in the same expressive manner adopted for the initial watercolor sketch. I work in the impasto technique with a palette knife, oils and wax which in combination better catch the expressive nature of the original sketch. Color relationships are established from the get go, and are then further developed based on the look of the emerging gestural canvas
  • Diana Stelin

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