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Elinore Bucholtz
Elinore Bucholtz
U. S. A
Elinore is a New York based artist who has been participating in numerous group shows since her graduation as a professional affine artist. She has also held solo exhibitions in galleries of repute to show her artistic oeuvre commandingly. She has excelled in the abstract style of painting and has had her works accepted in to the permanent collections of three museums. Her works are in many public and private collections throughout USA and abroad.

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Process - on Acrylic By Elinore Bucholtz
World Without End - on Acrylic By Elinore Bucholtz
Golden Mountain - on Acrylic By Elinore Bucholtz


  • 2014 -
  • Westbeth WCA show on spirituality February 2015.
  • Vamart in New Jersey for a year.
  • Solo show, ENJOYING ABSTRACTION, up October, New York City.
  • NLAPW show at Citibank Atrium at Court Square July 10 to September 29 2014.
  • Decor, NYC.
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  • In terms of the historical sweep of art development, my work easily falls under the general rubric of Abstract Expressionism. However, it moves on from that approach to a more lyrical style with an innovative use of very informal strokes, incomplete forms, unusual arrangements, and "accidentals", gestures that seem to fall where they may, to create a more serendipitous experience for the viewer. My use of color, too, is unique to my style by being freely chosen based on visual connections rather than on rules.
  • Elinore Bucholtz

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