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Koji Ishikawa
Koji Ishikawa
Born in Osaka, Japan in 1968. Graduated B.A. from Osaka University of the Arts. Japan in 1991.

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Form of across - on Screenprint, Acrylic painting on canvas By Koji Ishikawa
Existence-Tier - on Mixed media, acrylic painting on canvas By Koji Ishikawa
Form of sublimation - on Screenprint, Acrylic painting on canvas By Koji Ishikawa


  • 2003 Atelier Nishinomiya, Hyogo. Japan.
  • 2002 Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo. Japan.
  • 2001 Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka. Japan.
  • 2001 Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo. Japan.
  • 2000 Gallery Gen, Fukuoka. Japan.
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  • The origin of my manner of artistic expression is the art of prehistoric cave painting. These primitive works of art evoke within me a sense of life and vitality. Primitive artists simply created their art as a method of communication, a way to record their experiences or to convey a message. They never considered their technique, medium or materials. Much the same as my prehistoric artistic ancestors, I am not concerned with the technical aspects of my creations, only that they reveal my feelings of life and vitality through abstract expression.
  • Koji Ishikawa

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