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Marie Kazalia
Marie Kazalia
United States
Marie Kazalia, an upcoming and renowned artist from USA , had her BFA degree from California College of the Arts and thereafter enrolled herself in John F Kennedy University for her MA in Museum Studies. Soon after her completion in art studies, she has started exhibiting internationally and has her work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, NY; A Book About Death collection, Museum of Modern Art Wales; A Book About Death collection, MUBE = Museu Brasileiro da Escultra ( São Paulo, Brazil; the MUBE Troy art collection etc.are some of her prominent inclusions.

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DUZ - on acrylic fine art paints and Flashe fine art paints By Marie Kazalia
Nite Duty - on acrylic fine art paints & Flashe fine art paints o By Marie Kazalia
Moon Orrery - on acrylic fine art paints & Flashe fine art paints o By Marie Kazalia
Knot 1 - on acrylic fine art paints & Flashe fine art paints By Marie Kazalia
Eclipsis - on acrylic fine art paints & Flashe fine art paints o By Marie Kazalia


  • The Question of Ex-istence Exhibition
  • Art house at the Jones Center, FIVE X SEVEN exhibition, Austin, Texas, USA. Exhibit will travel to the cities of, Houston, Dallas, and Abilene/Grace Museum.
  • A Book About Death exhibit at (MoMA Wales) THE TABERNACLE Museum of Modern Art Wales, MACHYLLETH, Wales, UK. Dates: 27 APRIL – 8 MAY 2010. RNG Gallery, 1915 Leavenworth St.,Omaha NE, 68102,USA Opens July 31st, a new exhibition of A Book About Death from the Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery in New York City. MUBE = MuseuBrasileiro da Escultra,São Paulo, Brazil.
  • 2010-2011 Hotel des Arts exhibition
  • 2008 The Open Source Gallery,Grand Rapids Art Prize Art Fair. The MINI MINI exhibit, by Spraygraphics, for month of March at the Cartel Coffee/Art Gallery in Tempe, Arizonia, USA and April at Conspire Art Gallery in Downtown Phoenix. Arizona, USA.
  • Selected Exhibition History and Representation:
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  • A deep taproot extends from my series of spot paintings (2012/13) to art school and long before adulthood–encompassing language colors and lettering of advertisements in my native English language (viewed since childhood), as well as to Asia, and language and color influences from my four expatriate years in the countries of Japan, India and China. In art school, (Bachelor of Fines Arts degree from the California College of Arts in the San Francisco bay area, USA, including graduate studies) my paintings were always concerned with flatness. I studied textile design in studio practice, working in spots, repeating pattern and subverted pattern explored with a color theory and palette I continue to devised. Flatness and the orb are the focus of my Spot Series paintings of 2012/13, interests long before the article on Contemporary Abstraction placed such concerns at the forefront of art.
  • Marie Kazalia

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