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Mariva Zacharof
Mariva Zacharof
Mariva Zacharof is a dynamic visual artist of Greek origin, who is nationally and internationally awarded. She develops a visual language by using expressionist drawing, installation and mixed media in order to depict human issues, which concern all of us. Her work has a strong sense of humor, sweetness and intensity. Mariva Zacharof was born in Athens, Greece in 25/02/1978. Raised in Liege of Belgium and studied Fine Arts in Great Britain. Currently lives and works in Athens, Greece. She received B.A Hons. in Fine Arts from the School of Art and Design of the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, UK. She is a member of the Hellenic Art Chamber of Commerce, of “DESTE” Foundation and part of its Archive for the Contemporary Greek Artists, Athens, Greece. Her work is also part of the Archive of The Greek Artists of EMST (The National Museum of Contemporary Art), Athens, Greece. In 2010 her work was published in the annual book “Best of Worldwide Mixed Media Artists Volume I – K-Z”, by Kennedy Publishing US. In 2003 she received a Two-year Scholarship from The Schilizzi Foundation, UK and in 2004 an award followed by stipend for an Art Project from The Sidney Perry Foundation, UK. On November 2008 she had her first Solo exhibition “Childhood Dreams”. Since she takes part in many group exhibitions in Greece. She also participates in group exhibitions in the UK since 2001. On June 2011 she took part in the International Biennale of Collage in Belgrade, Serbia. This year she represents Greece in the 5th International Beijing Biennale 2012, China. She exhibits in International Art Festivals in Greece, the Netherlands, UK

Latest Artworks

Fellini - on Mixed media painting on canvas By Mariva Zacharof
Ghosts - on Mixed media painting on canvas By Mariva Zacharof
The Awaking - on Mixed media painting on canvas By Mariva Zacharof


  • 2008 Childhood Dreams, Astrolavos – Deksameni Gallery, Athens, Greece
  • 2012 Sept. – Oct 5th International Beijing Biennale, China 2012. The theme of the Biennale is “Future and Realiry”. Representing Greece with one large scale painting.
  • 2011 Nov-Dec “SEXplosions” Group show @ Booze Cooperatva, Athens, Greece, under the curation of Mr. Rogakos.
  • 2011 June- July International Biennale of Collage and Assemblage in Belgrade, Serbia.
  • 2011 July – August SYMBIOSE ART FESTIVAL in Breda, The Netherlands
  • 2011 July Parallax AF, La Galleria, Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall,London, SW1Y 4UY
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  • I try with a sense of humour and sweetness and intensity to approach the world of children, which is radically different and depending on the society and the conditions in which they live than the adults’ one. A child who grows up with the technological and material comforts a Western Society does not have the same concerns or the same dreams as a child who grows up in the third world. Not all children are facing the same problems nor perceive happiness in the same way. But all are entitled to enjoy it and live decently. I am using mixed techniques and I'm looking for the most suitable material to express the idea. In any case not to customise the idea in the hardware. In my last work, mainly collage and vivid colours are used in order to express, with sweetness and humour, the often difficult situations experienced by children. I'm also using drawing with charcoal to canvas and some touches of acrylic colours. With my decision to use black – white – red, I do not wish to simply stretch the drama and intensity of the forms but to address the danger of the apathy and indifference towards children and their problems.
  • Mariva Zacharof

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