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Mathai Tom
Mathai Tom
His work is based in the figurative and its content grapples with environmental issues and human alienation.

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Ascension - Ummoored - on Water Colour on Paper By Mathai Tom
Aqueous - Unmoored - on Water Colour on Paper By Mathai Tom


  • 1995 – 2000 AIFACS Art Exhibition at Delhi.
  • 2009 ‘Climacterics’, Kerala Lalitha Kala Akademy, Calicut.
  • 2008 ‘Fairy Tales from a Lost Land’ curated by Johny M L, Gallery OED, Kochi.
  • 2009 ‘Unseen Signs’, Museum Gallery, Trivandrum.
  • 2008 ‘Cross Country’, National Exhibition of Art, curated by Priyadarshini Sharma, Travansore Art Gallery, Delhi.
  • 2006,2007 & 2008 Kerala Lalitha Kala Akademy State Exhibition.
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  • Mathai’s paintings are connected to his vehement beliefs and strong values. He threads them to images of a time, perhaps in his youth, or maybe conjured up from an unlocked memory.
  • Tanya Abraham

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