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Michael Bond
Michael Bond
United States
Michael Bond is a US based artist ,working in different mediums to express himself totally to inspire and interact with his viewers/audience. He has realized the fact that creativity and spirituality are interconnected to each other. Michael’s works are widely exhibited in and outside The US.

Latest Artworks

Freedom - on Acrylic on masonite panel with collaged vintage bo By Michael Bond
Awareness - on Acrylic on wood panel with collaged vintage book By Michael Bond
Shalabhanjakti (Tree Spirit) - on Medium Acrylic on wood panel with collaged By Michael Bond


  • Exhibitions
  • 2013 Global Art League, Montreal, Canada
  • 2013 Eastern Influences Eastern Design, Stonington, CT
  • 2013 *Claire’s Cornercopia, New Haven, CT
  • 2013 Meiklem Center Space, Bozrah, CT
  • 2012 *Be Yoga, Charlotte NC
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  • I create visual expressions to connect with people on a spiritual level. My work promotes awareness of the interconnected reality we all live in, opening hearts and minds to an increasing level of understanding. I endeavor to create images that are visually interesting yet contain a certain level of mystery. My goal is to involve the viewer on multiple levels, encouraging an interaction with the work mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All of my pieces are autobiographical to some extent… what I feel is what is expressed, sometimes they are conscious feelings, usually they source from a sub-conscious level.
  • Michael Bond

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