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Michel Picotte
Michel Picotte
Born and settled in Montreal, Canada, Michel Picotte works from Canada and Europe. During a period of about four decade’s artistic life, he has produced a vast body of works in different media and has participated in more than 75 group exhibitions across Europe and America. He has also shown his works in numerous solo shows internationally in reputed galleries Michel Picotte is an artist who works with different media effortlessly and imaginatively to create an end result that have strong historical and contemporary statements of his own. His mixed media works combine found objects and a vibrant and brilliant color tones and patches.

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A summer dress - on Mixed media By Michel Picotte
October river - on Mixed media By Michel Picotte
A Japanese woman walked down the street - on Mixed media By Michel Picotte


  • Simon Fraser university, British Columbia, Canada
  • Collection Loto-Québec
  • Musée du Québec, Québec, Qc.
  • Musée du Saguenay-Lac St-Jean, Qc.
  • Musée de Valcourt, Valcourt, Qc.
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  • Ah! Art is freedom, Art is expression and creativity. Really! , I often ponder the world of art and I come to the conclusion that working at art is a process of self-discovery. An artist has to find his own path through all the artistic, political and social influences and movements bombard us on a daily basis. Painting is building, forging matter and thought, moving them into a two dimensional world where I have to create my interpretation of my perception of reality. When the spectator views my work and accepts it as being a possibility and a view of a reality that can work then the work becomes truly real. All my works are built, they are in a way works created to some degree in the spirit of `constructivism’, as in the post- world war 1 Russian art movement and yet anchored in an architecture of the 21st century. They are works that ask you to take your time
  • Michel Picotte

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