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N.N. Rimzon
N.N. Rimzon
N.N. Rimzon is known for his highly symbolic and enigmatic art works that include sculpture, multimedia installation and charcoal and pastel drawings . The fragmentation of society, individual alienation, and archetypal depictions of the human experience predominate his work.

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Soul near the Beach - on Charcoal on Paper By N.N. Rimzon
Rock at the Forest - on Charcoal on Paper By N.N. Rimzon


  • Solo Exhibitions:- 1991 Recent Sculpture and Drawings, Art heritage Gallery, New- Delhi.
  • 1993 Sculpture and Drawings, Art Heritage Gallery, New- Delhi.
  • 1993 N. N. Rimzon. Gallerie Schoo (F. I. A) Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • 2004 December. 19 – January. 8. 2005. N. N. Rimzon. Works on paper, Kashi Art Gallery, Mattanchery, Kochi.
  • Selected Exhibitions :-
  • 1984 ‘Navadeep Award’ Hitusing Visual Arts Center, Ahmedabad.
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  • Rimzon views the body as a container, a receptacle of violence and generative possibilities; simultaneous holder of secrets and emptiness. Using mythic beliefs of Kabir and Budha as a starting point, Rimzon has deliberately located his works in the present day, where every claim of faith and stated truth is subject to instant scrutiny.
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