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Nandita Chaudhuri
Nandita Chaudhuri
India / U.K
There is always a surface and depth in all transactions. It is through archeological incisions that we can dig deeper behind veneers to perceive elusive and invisible entities. There is an endeavor to plot that graph and excavate mysteries trapped within multi-surfaces.

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Untitled - 02 - on Mixed media By Nandita Chaudhuri
Untitled - 01 - on Mixed media By Nandita Chaudhuri


  • Saatchi Gallery London, Group Show, November 15th 2012
  • Paris Group Show, France, December 2012
  • Berlin Group Show, Germany, October 2012
  • ICIA Auction Mumbai “Seeing is Believing” 2012
  • ‘ Titles Are Irrelevant’ Solo Show, Jehangir Art Gallery, June 20-26th 2012
  • ‘100 Years of Indian Cinema’ at Subhash Ghai’s Whistling Woods, Filmcity, June 2012
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  • My works explore and re-engage with various deep impressions and stored images snatched from life. Instances and nuances have been greedily devoured and etched into stored imprints and now they must find their way somehow into legible or illegible forms. They are gathered together as memories—fleeting, hiding and staring, as they rush to emote through brush and paint.
  • Nandita Chaudhuri

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