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Oliver Perry
Oliver Perry
United Kingdom
After to many years working as an advertising creative and achieving my goals (D&AD award) I decided to throw caution to the wind and follow my true passion and concentrate on painting. Unfortunately, I spent far too long answering a question that was 70 years old (studying cubism and my interpretation of it) and after much debate with lecturers from ULA I drew a line under this and embarked on a more contemporary path. This new found freedom proved liberating and inspirational while providing a rich vein of thought. So, whilst having painted from an early age I now feel that the last 6 months have seen me emerge as a more innovative artist. A fresh look intothe figure, architecture and how the two interactis the underlying theme of my work. At present this deals with a variety of planes and the illusion of contrasting dimensions/surfaces, basic geometric shapes in vivid primary colours dominate, while in the future I can see this moving into 3D, when more personal space becomes available, at present I suffer for my art in a damp dark cellar. As a member of Axis web I would hope to achieve a bigger following (and dare I say it financial security) that would allow me to embark on a bigger scale and more elaborate pieces in 3d. The thoughts and plans are there, just not the space. So whilst my work is canvas based at present the future holds an exciting series of developments.

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  • JLC Gallery - Reading
  • Holm Park - Reading
  • Windsor International Art Show- Windsor
  • The Art Cell - Spain
  • La Fina Linea - Spain
  • Catalonia International Art Show - Spain
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  • The figure and its architectural surroundings are parred back to their basic building blocks, simplified and abstracted to produce a contemporary evaluation of the figure as a collection of geometric shapes and planes with graphic over-tones. This challenging and contemporary outlook on the human condition, stripped bare of the flesh like armour, and its interaction with architectural form, becomes a series of geometric shapes and organic forms. In breaking the painting down into compartmentalised units of colour, stripped of all extraneous detail, the figure is rendered in pure codified information. It doesn't offer a representation of reality, rather, a universally recognisable idea of it. Perspective is delineated through overlapping layers and scale, while the fresh, graphic simplicity with which such an overwhelming concept is inferred, allows the painting to revel in illusion over representation. A kaleidoscopic distortion of colour and sophistication of design imbue the composition with functionality, organic forms and sharp angles smack of high design, achieved through deconstructing the original image into abstracted components in a kind of twenty-first century cubism that references an inkling of abstraction while allowing the viewer only fragmented suggestions of a space that seems both mechanical and biotic. This new found direction has seen me show at Parallax AF in London and invites to show in New York and at several of the Affordable Art Fairs as well as the Grand Design Show at Excel. I am also represented by Artbridge, the sister company to the Hay Hill Gallery in Cork Street. I am regularly invited to spend time at a local school as an artist in residence, where I combine my knowledge of creative advertising and fine art to help inspire the pupils and offer some degree of career guidance and technical mentoring, as such I am proud to say I have now been the subject of 3 A level thesis and one degree thesis. Having qualifications in design, photography and advertising allows me the privilege of offering advice on a variety of for career paths for students to follow.
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