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Pratul Dash
Pratul Dash
Pratul is widely acknowledged for raising the issue of damage we are doing to our environment, ecology, planet earth, and society at large. He is artistically concerned about the immigration of laborers to cities and sub-human living conditions, as expanding cities encroach upon surrounding green cover and eco-systems.

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Untitled - on Acrylic on canvas By Pratul Dash


  • 2010 - Metropolitan Matrix, Tamarind Art gallery, NY
  • 2010 - Human spaces, Sara Khan Contemporary Art, Schaan, Switzerland
  • 2008 - Proxy horizon, palette art gallery, New Delhi.
  • 2007 - Neo-Istoria, Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi
  • 2004 - Unidee in residency, Cittadelarte, Italy.
  • 2003 - Krishna Collections Art Gallery, New Delhi.
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  • “Pratul Dash is a conscientious human being who believes that the most vital role of an artist is to work towards uplifting Society. Dash grew up enjoying open landscapes untouched by man. New Delhi came as a rude awakening to the artist, who spent over a year in the bustling metropolis as a student. After experiencing first-hand the deteriorating state of the natural landscape, Dash became more concerned with the rate at which expanding cities were invading open spaces. His work reflects his concern about the environment as well as his own experience as a man from a simple town leading a simple life, thrown unprepared into the chaos of urban spaces. On close examination, the viewer can sense the pain caused by this displacement of the self and the physical body, and the struggle of trying to exist in a familiar land as a rightful citizen rather than a refugee”.
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