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Ruth Avra - Dana Kleinman
Ruth Avra - Dana Kleinman
The collaboration combines the strengths of artists and sisters Ruth Avra, born 1979 in Washington, DC and Dana Kleinman, born 1974 in Massachusetts. Ruth graduated from Wisconsin-Madison with a focus on metal, while Dana was one of the first art majors at Carnegie Mellon to receive Phi Beta Kappa honors and later attained her MFA at New Mexico. Accomplished artists in their own mediums, the collaboration began after personal struggles tightened the bond between them in 2006. With nature and nurture fueling them, this groundbreaking combination of metal and painting first involved large scale 3D aluminum construction combined with oil on canvas. The work was swiftly put into the public eye with an invitation to represent the United States at the 2008 Beijing Biennale at the National Museum of China, running in conjunction with the Summer Olympics. They have also held solo exhibitions in Florida, New Mexico and New York. Since 2007, their work has been featured in numerous museums and galleries across the United States and abroad. Ruth currently works out of Florida and Dana out of New Mexico.

Latest Artworks

Greater Than - on Aluminum construction with pigment on canvas By Ruth Avra - Dana Kleinman
Turn Series (right) - on 2D handworked aluminum with oil on wood By Ruth Avra - Dana Kleinman
Ovals x 18 - on 2D handworked aluminum with oil on wood By Ruth Avra - Dana Kleinman
Velocity - on 3D aluminum construction with oil on canvas By Ruth Avra - Dana Kleinman


  • 2011 "Vanishing Point", Dacia Gallery, New York City
  • 2011 Trend Showroom. Miami, Florida
  • 2010 "Intersections" Jonathan Abrams MD Art Gallery. UNM Hospital. New Mexico
  • 2009-10 "VECTOR|vector", Causey Contemporary. New York
  • 2009 "Crescendo", Las Cruces Museum of Art. New Mexico
  • 2008 "K x 2 =ART", Richard Shack Gallery, Art Center/South Florida. Miami Beach
  • Commentary

  • Our work has always been riddled with a balance between dualities and connections, indicative of our relationship as two individuals, artists and sisters. Metal and painting come together as two separate disciplines referencing binaries including hard vs. soft, male vs. female, smooth vs. texture, manmade vs. nature, and 2D vs. 3D. Yet mathematical constructs tie each piece together as a whole. From a distance the work looks sleek and high contrast with hyper-pigmented painting and shiny metal surfaces, yet up close the viewer is struck by hand sanded intricate patterns softening the metal and textural multilayered paintings inspired by natural surfaces. Multiple panels that shift in depth off the wall reference mathematical equations, but at the same time talk about boundaries and connections, with pattern and colors tying the separate pieces together. Intersecting lines are specific cross products in geometry, yet also represent us as sisters with our paths crossing, or how any seemingly separate entities can come together in space and time .
  • Ruth Avra - Dana Kleinman

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