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Sreelal. K.S
Sreelal. K.S
“Zero Gravity “depicts the fortification of the self and the absence of the intermediate. The figures or objects are rendered in monochrome or desaturated colors, while the plain background is brightly colorful. The emotions whether negative or positive are extreme, but such extravagance is nonsensical, like a traffic signal light with all the light green. And these emotions reside in forms that are physically cold as metal. Filled with exaggerated energy, these forms are immobile, riveted in their poses and positions. They refuse to move, lest there is no better resort. So they secure their positions with extra precaution; like chained or locked pillars. The figures or forms lie scattered in the flat background, without any apparent connection or balance or equilibrium of any sort; without any gravity.

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Zero Gravity - 03 - on Acrylic on canvas By Sreelal. K.S
Zero Gravity - 01 - on Acrylic on canvas By Sreelal. K.S
Zero Gravity - 02 - on Acrylic on canvas By Sreelal. K.S


  • 1990 Painting camp organized by Kerala Tourism Department at Museum, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • 1990 Group Exhibition at Satsanga (International Cultural Centre for Kathakali)
  • 1992 Group Exhibition at College of Fine Arts Gallery, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • 1992 Kerala Lalithakala Akademy State Exhibition.
  • 2004 Kerala Lalithakala Akademy State Exhibition.
  • 2004 All India Exhibition, South Central Zone Cultural Centre.
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  • Nature affects Sreelal in the same manner as flowers and females protect the secret self of existence behind the wall. The obliquely glancing figures are hesitant and self conscious
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