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Stephanie Holznecht
Stephanie Holznecht
U. S. A
Based in Janesville, WI, Stephanie has travelled a long way from realism to abstraction to express herself through art. She has graduated with BA in graphic design and Fine Art and worked as a graphic designer and art director for ten years.

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Conflict - on Fluid Acrylic By Stephanie Holznecht
High Roller - on Fluid Acrylic By Stephanie Holznecht
Rainbow's Edge - on Fluid Acrylic By Stephanie Holznecht


  • Solo Exhibitions
  • Artist of the Week, DCAL Art Gallery, Door County, WI., June 7th - 13th 2014
  • A New Direction, Hedburg Public Library and Galleria, Janesville, WI, December 1st - 31st 2013
  • Absolute Abstraction, Espresso, Stoughton, WI 2010
  • Emerging, Café Italiano, Janesville, WI 2008
  • Wonders in Wildlife, Janesville Public Library, August 1996
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  • As an abstract artist, I view the World from a different perspective. Everything I see, hear and feel is a possible inspiration for a painting. Sometimes the emotions I feel are happy, sometimes sad. It depends on the situations and environments in which I find myself. So many sensations are evoked by the smallest of details. The world becomes overwhelming with my mind has to process. Abstract art has become a way of life for me. It rules the images I see as I go through my daily life, provoking thoughts for my next painting and feeding off my emotions for the day. The inspiration that I take from experiencing life creates a feeling that continues to inspire me. I don’t think, as an artist that is something I could ever lose.
  • Stephanie Holznecht

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