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Tensing Joseph
Tensing Joseph
Born in Kerala in 1962. MFA in Sculpture, Kalabhavana, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan in 2007. BFA in Sculpture, College of Fine Arts Kerala, Trivandrum in 1986.

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God of the Slum - on Acrylic on canvas By Tensing Joseph
The Dreams may be Disappeared beyond the Sky - on Acrylic on canvas By Tensing Joseph
Gravity of the fear - on Acrylic on canvas By Tensing Joseph


  • 2010 ‘Confidential Report: The First Blueprints of War,’ Recent Works in Triveni Art Gallery, NewDelhi ,curated by Johny M.L.
  • 2008 ‘Objects of Resemblance’, Paintings, Sculptures, and Installations, Ishka, Cochin, Kerala, Curated byR.Nandakumar.
  • 2008 ‘Language and Meta Language’ Drawings and Paintings, LalithakalaAkademy Art Gallery Trivandrum
  • 2007 The Objects of Resemblance’, Recent Sculptures and drawings at Nandan Art. GallerieSantiniketan, Curated by R.Nandakumar.
  • 1998 Exhibition of Recent Sculptures and Drawings, ‘A journey Beyond’, Museum Art Gallery, Trivandrum, organized by Kerala Lalitha Kala Akademy
  • 1992 Exhibition of Sculptures and Drawings, ABC Art Gallery, Varanasi.
  • Commentary

  • I view my art and the process of art making primarily from the basis of the genuine need for self-expression, and all other things which help to make my art relevant and true to the circumstance I leave, come up quite naturally along with the attempts I make to see myself living in a social, in culture, and in economy. Therefore these three things always considered, and the result these three things bring on life and realized which I work. But above all, at present my considerations are more or less with the linguistic innovations and new learning and relearning from the historical past and contemporary present. Whenever I think of a composition, first I think of materials and there placement in a supposed space, in an environment where are seen, being arranged and rearranged; sometimes removed and sometimes replaced. And the world outside is full of things different nature, of different quality, of different weight, colour, taste and so on. This understanding has helped me to experiment with different quality of materials and their importance in an aesthetical space when they are arranged and rearranged. And this arrangement of things, made of different materials ,at times arises many questions regarding their identity and purpose of coexisting or regarding the conflict of caused by them. My predilection for organic form born of a native life-affirming scene of maturing and regeneration, has found a congenial and engorging environment in the atmosphere of Santiniketan (Visva-bharati University, formulated by RavindranathaTogre, West Bengal, India) where I completed my post-graduation in sculpture. In early work of 2006 “Wall of Incarnations “I have hedged in an enclose by assembling dried twinges gathered from the vicinity which other vise serves as a mate real for fire wood for santhals (santhals are the subaltern community living aria of Visva-bharati University, North east, India). In the process secured the participation of several artists as well non artists who were given empty cartons to be painted over. These painted cartons were fixed on the tall fence-like structure fabricated from dry twinges and the whole structure when lit up from the ground had an apparition castle-like look, creating a walk-through ambient space inside. The choice of mundane material together with the participation of other people made it a collective and create de-aestheticized art event in the truly democratic spirit that invites participation. Again in the other installation “The Ward” creates a palpable physical experience of the sordid conditions of hospital interior by sensitizing our otherwise blunted responses to such a familiar reality. In this installation prosaic biological details and technological adjuncts (like the X ray films) through a process of transference and transfiguration (as that a found objects) interact with organic forms creating referential field rich in textural resonance and visual under stones suggesting of an all- embracing nature and organic life-enhancing impulse.
  • Tensing Joseph

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