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Vandella Poe
Vandella Poe
United States
Born in New Jersey, US. Studied Art &History under eminent artists and art teachers. Exhibiting widely in US

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The Pond - on medium pastels on heavy backer board, 2D By Vandella Poe
Finger Painting - on medium acrylics on panel board, painted using my fingers By Vandella Poe
SEX #2 - on medium acrylics on canvas board, painted using fingers, hands By Vandella Poe



  • The majority of my work is what I refer to as, “Abstract Self Expressionism”. Through my art I am able to express my feelings and emotions about hurt, betrayal, fear, homelessness, losing loved ones, loneliness and sadness. It also allows me to express my love for nature. I enjoy working with mixed media, and often incorporate, into my work what some people would refer to as throwaways or trash, I consider it treasure. I’ve spent sixteen years painting, learning, and studying the different theories and techniques of art under the teachings of artist, John Kevin Loesch, at Toopine Studios located in Whiting, N.J. His work from fine art to abstract expres-sionism has been exhibited at the Foundation of the Arts, located on Long Beach Island, N.J. Other New Jersey artist, who have had an impact establishing myself as an artist include Hack Vogrin, a Political Neo Expressionist painter and Richard Jeffries, a sculptor. Other well known artist works admired are Jackson Pollock, Kandinsky, Harry Bernard, Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre Bonnard, Edvard Munch, Paul Gauguin, Manet, and Jacob Lawrence Through Abstract Self Expressionism, I am able to find peace, contentment, and happiness within myself. It has given me a new venture, outlook and journey in life. I am also, in the process of having a book published, a kooky memoir. The book is titled, “It’s Not Easy Being Ordinary”, includes quotes, essays, poetry, letters to a lover and extraordinary art by an ordinary person.
  • Vandella Poe

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