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Vernon Bigman
Vernon Bigman
United States
Vernon B Bigman’s, Art work tells a story of dream reality and being. This body of work is called Dream Snakes it used the visual language of paintings, drawings and digital photography. He obtained his MFA of fine arts from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York in 1996. He also attended the San Francisco Art Institute and received a BFA. in 1987. and the Institute of American Indian Arts.

Latest Artworks

DreamSnakes & The Holy Mountain - on Oil on canvas By Vernon Bigman
DreamSnakes @ The start of Yin & Yang - on Oil on canvas By Vernon Bigman
DreamSnakes & The Dreaming Grass - on Oil on canvas By Vernon Bigman
Dream Snakes series on Dream Dance Kali - on Oil on canvas By Vernon Bigman
dream snakes series- black dreams7 - on Oil on canvas By Vernon Bigman


  • 2012 January 3rd Eye Solution Gallery, Bushwick NY
  • 2011 November Resobox Gallery, Long Island City, NY
  • 2009 October Nathan Cumming Foundation , New York, NY. October 2009
  • 2009 April Abrazo Interno Gallery, New York, NY
  • 2008 November New York Public Library ,Tompkins Square Gallery, New York, NY
  • 2006 February Zito Studio Gallery, New York, NY
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  • My artwork starts out telling a story and exploring everyday life and the environment by explaining it through dreams. When Dreaming, the dream moves from one scene or event to another, sometimes in nonsensical script. But this is how my body of art work starts its imaginary description of a dreamscape with its characters living life in this dream reality. Being awake is another state of reality. Both of these states of awareness have similarities - change and the perception of its state of being. With my body of painting each element has a dual role or description of playing, dancing, living and dying in this dream story; much like a poetic impression, with multiple abstract ideas. As the Dream Snake’s body of art work grew it changed from a method of interpretation to a character in this dream environment. The character Dream Snake is watching existence. Examples of this are the paintings DreamSnakes @ The start of Yin & Yang and DreamSnakes @ The Gates of Shangri-la. Both of these paintings are the character witnessing the creation or being of the subject.
  • Vernon Bigman

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