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Noted Indian contemporary artist Rajan M Krishnan (b.1966) passed away

Noted contemporary Indian artist Rajan M Krishnan passed away on 11.2.2016 at Cochin. He was a highly talented artist who helped to reach Indian contemporary art to world attention with his realistic portrayal of indigenous subjects and issues with an impeccable style of his own. He was a friend and well wisher of VAM Art and we gratefully acknowledge his association with our exhibition, `Convergence 2014’ with one of his best works.

We, the VAM Art team express grieve on this sad occasion and extend our deepest condolences to all who loved him.

Announcement - Call for artists.

VAM Art Inc. ( is pleased to announce the planning of its 8th Contemporary Art Exhibition titled CONFLUENCE 2014. The show will open at VAM Art’s gallery in Metuchen, NJ circa December, 2014 and will highlight artworks from esteemed artists from the United States.

We invite American painters, graphic artists, sculptors and photographers who have a proven record of professional presence in their respective fields. Those artistswho have appeared in shows of national and international stature are invited to participate.We encourage artists to submit their Artist CV along with jpg file images of their recentworks.


Fear and uncertainty pervades most modern men and can lead to the erosion of human values and love for fellow beings. As universal modes of expression, music and art have played key roles in cultural evolution. Today’s cultural expressions are considered to be visual records of present social and political life . Many aspects will be decoded by future generations to recognize the quality of life we lead today. Therefore, the responsibility of today’s artists is significant enough not to be discarded by future generations.

Art and life are interwoven as with many other disciplines. Akin to science and philosophy, arthas the power to positively influence humanity. Irrespective of subjectivity and medium, art from any location transmits an energy that is universal. This universal aspect of art is important when considering the fact that one of the purposes of art is to soothe the wounded and desperate.

The number of artists worldwide who incorporate ideas and research from other genres is vastly increasing. Today’s artworks reflects the assimilation of a multitude of subjects and disciplines. This sense of compendium in creativity is a good sign of progress in many different faculties - including art.


Our goal is to showcase works of art that are experimental in content and medium without sacrificing the essential purity and sanctity of aesthetics.

Artist’s submissions can belong to any genre: Painting, digital art, sculpture, graphic productions etching and photographs. We encourage artists to submit up to five images of their latest artworks along with details for review. Once selected, artists should have their works properly prepared for exhibition. During this period, and prior to the exhibition, artists will be asked to sign a standard format Consignment Agreement (CA) to enable us to promotethe show properly and in a timely manner. Apart from their participation in CONFLUENCE 2014, theselected artists will qualify as one of our outstanding international artists and he or she will remain in our group of artists whoare promoted on-line for one year from the date of signing the CA.


• Two dimension - 40in x 40in / (100cm x 100cm)

• Three dimension – 15in(w) x 15in(d) x 40in(h) / (40cm x 40cm x 100cm)

Interested artists are requested to submit CV and images prior to November 10, 2014 to:

Robert Lopez

Creative Director

VAM Art Inc.

The final date of receiving original artworks at our New Jersey gallery is December 5, 2014

Submission of original Art works can be directed to:

Michael Martin

Business Manager

VAM Art Gallery

15 Station Place

Metuchen, NJ 08840


Coverage about Convergence 2014 in “The Hindu” dated 29 August 2014.


Coverage about Convergence 2014 in “The New Indian Express” dated 22 August 2014.


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Announcement - Call for artists.

VAM Art Inc. ( will conduct its 6th art exhibition at its Gallery in Metuchen, NJ USA commencing in June 10, 2014. The exhibition will exclusively showcase Painters, Graphic Artists, Digital Artists, Sculptors and Photographers from the United States who have proven their professional presence in their respective fields through continuous appearances in national and international art exhibitions. US mid-career and advanced artists from the fields specified above are invited to submit samples of their most recent works (JPG file format images of at least 2 works) along with an artist CV, a brief statement and work details to


Trends in art constantly change from a multitude of factors which are in-part affected by socio-political, technological and cultural factors that dominate societal lifestyles. Our world has already become a close-knit society as a result of rapid changes taking place in science and technology. Those unavoidable changes and transitions inadvertently impact the information and communication possibilities of mankind every day thus breaking down ethnic and cultural boundaries with the final outcome of homogeneous though and appreciation. These and other elusive factors are definitely visible and first reflected by artists because they are a distinct group of society who are first impacted and recognize the deflection from the norm. This is due in-part by their sensitivities and reactions to reforms surrounding them. That being the case, there can be rapid and modernistic revelations in expression from artists with innovations in medium and composition.

Since its debut international show in India in 2007 and opening of our Gallery in New jersey in January, 2012, VAM Art, Inc. has been focusing on art that is fresh and experimental while keeping in mind that traditional values are also given due importance. Furthermore, VAM Art recognizes and endorses the fact that “good” art is deeply rooted in an artist’s traditional moorings. Without those realizations, all efforts would otherwise be revealed as merely superficial experiments.


Once selected, Artists must deliver original artworks with all necessary documentation to VAM Art, Inc. All artworks should be framed properly and to ready to hang, if applicable. Artists will be asked to sign a traditional Consignment Agreement (CA) prior to the exhibition. Details will be forthcoming. Once in effect, the artists and CA will remain in our group of artists that are promoted on-line for one year from signing the CA. The desirable artworks size limits are approximately 100x100 cm (2 dimensional works), and 40(W) x40(D) x100(H) cm for three dimensional works. Interested artists are requested to send your submissions before February10, 2014. The final date of receiving original art works at our New Jersey gallery is 5th March 2014. Submissions can be directed to:

Robert Lopez, Creative Director, VAM Art Inc.

E- mail:

Metuchen Life article on VAM Art Gallery.

December,2013 issue of METUCHEN LIFE magazine came out with a two page feature on VAM Art gallery’s activities, artists and exhibits.

Vinay Nair, Director, VAM Art Inc. was featured in an article published by The New Indian Express dated 15 October 2013.

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Announcement - Exhibition of mixed media Art; Call for artists.

“VAM Art Inc.” is an art promotion group, engaged in exhibition, promotion and education of Fine Arts including new media art. We have our gallery at 15 Station Place, Metuchen, New Jersey.VAM Art has already conducted 4 international shows; one in India and other three in our gallery at New Jersey. Artists from 4 continents representing 7 nations were part of these shows. The fourth event, a group how of 10 noted artists from Europe and Asia is presently open at our gallery. We are very proud to say that we have established and well-known names like AD. Arma, the famous artist from Netherlands and recipient of the Dutch Artist of the year Award 2007; Mr. Hikaru Yumura, also a World famous sculptor from Japan and recipient of two time Henry Moore sculptural award , Mr. Martin Reyna, an Argentinian artist and Mr. N.N. Rimzon to mention a few among our panel of established artists.

We plan to conduct an exhibition of mixed media works at our gallery in New Jersey in May 2013 as our 5th major event. Internationally acclaimed and upcoming artists who work in mixed media are welcome to participate in this show. The concept of this exhibition is derived from the reality of the international cultural and expressive trends that emerged as a result of post -modern thought and artistic expressions that is still in practice globally today. VAM Art , from the very beginning of its art promotional activities, have been trying to show case the emerging trends in art and other streams of creativity to nurture, influence and transform the finer creative side of humans irrespective of barriers of any kind. We conceived this idea to bring forth the influence of traditional and day to day beliefs, practices and objects that are part of their social, cultural and consumer life both past and present that make the possibility of artistic expression infinite; both for medium and concept.

We, welcome internationally acclaimed and upcoming artists that work in mixed media to participate in this show. Interested artists may express their willingness by writing to us with 3-5 images of their works and artists’ statement in 50-100 words. This should be accompanied by the CV also. Selected artists will be intimated personally and will be asked to submit the images of the works they intent to exhibit. A copy of the consignment agreement will be send to selected artists and formalities including accepting works (original) shall be fulfilled after signing the Consignment agreement.

The works should be in mixed media. This can be collages including digital prints; works with different media including found objects etc. executed after Jan.2010. The size must be around 100x100 CM. with up to 10 CM projection (three dimensional pieces). Sending the works to the gallery and collecting the unsold works back is the responsibility of the artist. We welcome suitably framed works for presenting. Framing charges will have to be borne by the artist if the works are sent without frame. We, from our part will make all possible efforts to keep the works at our gallery intact and send it back. We also provide insurance protection for the works when they are under VAM art’s custody (conditions apply) However, arrangements have been done from our part for logistics (with our courier agent) to avail reduced rates for our artists. There are no fees charged for participation.

Interested artists may contact by E-mail at: Or may call at: 7324765406.

Contacting for participation - 15. Feb. 2013(last date)
Submission of images and CV etc. - 25. Feb. 2013(last date)
Signing the Consignment Agreement (selected artists) - 15. March 2013(last date)
Physical receipt of selected works at the gallery - 30. March 2013.(last date).

We welcome all deserving and interested artists to be part of this show.

Announcement - November 20, 2012 by Mamta & Vinay Nair, Directors, VAM Art Inc

“Confluence 2012” is VAM Art’s third Contemporary Art exhibition this year at our gallery in Metuchen, New Jersey. Following our previous exhibitions, we conceptualized “Confluence 2012” as a cross section of current world art and humanistic ideas brushing aside cultural, racial and social barriers.

VAM Art conducted an extensive selection process to find participants for this show. Confluence 2012 includes artists from seven nations and two continents (UK, Ireland, Greece, The Netherlands, Myanmar and India). We selected work focusing on current issues expressed visually; bringing together many disparate perspectives.

VAM Art’s objective is to consistently present relevant work in concept, medium and technique. To that end we have chosen artists who address topics including urbanization, social criticism, spirituality, psychology, war, fear and genetic mutation. These issues concern every thinking person and transcend national, racial and religious boundaries.

VAM Art is very proud that, once again, we are able to present an exhibition of talented artists who are distinguished by their consistent representation in shows of global importance.

An opening reception will be held on December 14, 2012; 6pm-8pm:

Mamta & Vinay Nair,
Directors, VAM Art Inc.

Announcement - June 8, 2012 by Mamta & Vinay Nair, Directors, VAM Art Inc

“Continuum 2012” - Contemporary American Artists Group Exhibition opens today at VAM Art Inc., 15 Station Place, Metuchen, NJ.

“Continuum 2012” is preceded by two prior exhibitions; “Convergence 2007” and “Resurgence 2012”, both of which showcased contemporary artworks from five continents.

Continuum 2012, however, showcases artworks exclusively by nine well known American artists who work in the mutual spirit of expression, thought and creativity even while working in divergent media.

The theme, “Continuum 2012”, was selected to highlight the influences Contemporary American artists have been having over the last century on socio-economic changes. In time, those artists may make positive influences on culture, ethics and social values around the world.

Mamta & Vinay Nair,

VAM Art Continuum 2012 Sentinel Coverage 21st June 2012.

Resurgence-2012 - International Fine Art Exhibition opens January 18, 2012, at VAM Art Gallery, 15 Station Place, Metuchen, NJ 08840.

“Resurgence-2012”, the second International Contemporary Fine Art Exhibition organized by the New Jersey based VAM Art Inc. will begin on January 18, 2012 at the VAM Art Gallery, 15 Station Place, Metuchen, NJ 08840.

The work of fifteen artists from five nations representing four continents will be showcased at “Resurgence-2012”.

They include internationally acclaimed artists like Hikaru Yumura, Jiro Inagaki, Ad Arma, Murali Cheeroth and N.N. Rimzon who will be presenting their latest work along with the work of highly recognized artists like Martin Reyna, Pradeep Puthoor, Ashok Kumar Gopalan, Rita Kaplan, T.M. Aziz, Mathai Tom, Mukesh Sharma, Pratul Dash, Birenda Pani and Rani Rekha.

Ad. Arma is a versatile and renowned artist who besides etchings, creates bronze sculptures, gouaches, oil paintings and ceramics. He is from Holland and has participated in almost 150 exhibitions at various places in Europe, America and Asia. He was bestowed with the “Dutch Artist of the Year Award” in 2008.

Similarly the sculptor Hikaru Yumura from Japan was on two occasions bestowed with the prestigious Henry Moore Award. Pradeep Puthoor and Ashok Kumar Gopalan are recipients of the Jackson Pollack Fellowship.

Directors of VAM Art Inc., Mamta and Vinay Nair said that VAM Art will be expanding its list of artists as well as galleries for the upcoming exhibitions planned at Doha, Paris, Melbourne, London and Mumbai in the next two years.

The institution is also poised to be a serious platform for symposiums, debates and workshops for skill exchange, which handle subjects like art, philosophy, aesthetics, appreciation and art investment.

“We expect to evolve ourselves to be the prime enablers who can positively influence the enlightened fraternity from the community, in identifying, recognizing and collecting work of gifted artists who are consistently committed to their work” said Mr. Nair. We also aim at building a well informed and awakened group of art enthusiasts as well as collectors by ensuring that they get the genuine arts work that not only have the highest aesthetic value but a long term investment value too, he said.

About VAM Art Inc.: VAM Art is an initiative that works to bring together and promote all aspects of contemporary art for better interaction and understanding among acclaimed artists, art enthusiasts and collectors globally. VAM Art debuted into the arena of art shows in 2007 by successfully organizing the exhibition “Convergence-2007” at Trivandrum, India. Twenty five artists from six countries had participated in that show.

General Information:
VAM ART Inc. Gallery, 15 Station Place, Metuchen, NJ 08840
Tel: 212-729-6077
Hours: Monday – Friday: 10 am to 7 pm
             Saturday – Sunday: By Appointment

Art bits: 'Resurgence 2012' comes to Metuchen

The VAM Art Gallery in Metuchen just opened its second exhibition, “Resurgence 2012” (up through March 17), featuring the work of 15 artists from four continents. VAM has international ties to five galleries in Asia and Australia, and the owners, Mamta and Vanay Nair, organized their first show in 2007 in Trivandrum, India.

Among the artists in “Resurgence” are Ad Arma, who won the “Dutch Artist of the Year” award in 2008, and Hikaru Yumura, who has twice won the Henry Moore Award. In addition to Arma and Hikaru, “Resurgence” includes work by Jiro Inagaki, Murali Cheeroth, N.N. Rimzon, Martin Reyna, Pradeep Puthoor (winner of a Jackson Pollock fellowship), Ashok Kumar Gopalan (also a Pollock Fellow), Rita Kaplan, T.M. Aziz, Mathai Tom, Mukesh Sharma, Pratul Dash, Birenda Pani and Rani Rekha.

VAM Art is at 15 Station Place, Metuchen. Free. For information about hours and directions, call (855) 826-4278 or visit

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'Resurgence-2012', news coverage of the exhibition.

Resurgence-2012, news coverage of the exhibition.

CONVERGENCE 2007 - International Exhibition of Art

VAM Art conceptualized and realized its first exhibition, `CONVERGENCE 2007’ as an event of international character. 35 artists from Asia, Africa and Europe have arrived with their latest works to be part of this prestigious event conducted by VAM Art. Famous and senior internationally reputed names like; AD. Arma( Holland) Hikaru Yumura and Jiro Inagaki ( both from japan) N.N. Rimzon ( India), Damodaran, Muthukoya, C.N. karunakaran( all from India) are only few names with commendable global repute in art field who made their presence in CONVERGENCE 2007.

In concept, CONVERGENCE 2007 was where artists from across the World has appeared on a common platform to share the concerns about environment and humanity, irrespective of geographical boundary, caste, creed or established religions..

Convergence tried to present the human being and his universe as it should be! A single family!

Convergence-2007, news coverage of the exhibition.
Convergence-2007, news coverage of the exhibition.